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"Champions of the Galaxy is a really cool game!"

Stan Lee, Comic Book Legend

"Champions of the Galaxy is the best wrestling game ever made. You'll feel like you're running your own wrestling federation. It's hammer time!"

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, WWE legend

"Champions of the Galaxy is a very entertaining, very fun, wrestling card game. I play with my nephew and son and we really enjoy it." King Kong Bundy, WWE legend

"I have to say beyond a doubt Champions of the Galaxy is the most entertaining card game I've ever played. Other wrestling card games do not have one-tenth the style or substance this game has!"

Thomas Riccardi,

"Tom Filsinger is a genius among game designers. His minimalist approach to dealing with the nuances of pro wrestling never ceases to astonish me." Cynthia Celeste Miller, Spectrum Games

"Champions of the Galaxy is the most incredible sci-fi game mythology ever created." Comic Book Universe

"Realistic, fast-paced and easy-to-play!" Vince Russo